Hi There,
I am Saikat from Silicon Valley, I am a User Experience Designer; dreaming relentlessly, believing entirely, performing daily, and celebrating constantly. I have over 11+ years of experience crafting UI in the book of many domains. Carrying on the journey to the world of imagination…
UX Designer           Nor1, Inc., Santa Clara, CA

Visual Designer           Kodak Dental, Atlanta, GA

UI Designer                 SONY, San Jose, CA

UX Designer               Microsoft, Redmond, WA

UI Designer                 MattsonTech. Fremont, CA
  • Photoshop,Illustrator, Fireworks
  • Flash, Blend, HTML5
  • Xcode, Visual Studio
  • Dreamweaver, Visio, Omnigraph
  • YUI, jQuery, CSS3
  • SQL, PHP
  • Adobe Premier, After Effects
  • Maya, 3Ds Max, Z-brush
  • UI/UX design, 2D & 3D Animation...

  • saikatm79@yahoo.com

    Cell: 805-410-0958
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